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Most people begin their nutritional journey with Vitamin C. Oh you’ve got a cold? Take Vitamin C! Even if someone doesn’t know a single thing about nutrition, they would at least know that Vitamin C is beneficial to the body.

However, in today’s nutritional world, Vitamin C is getting further and further away from the limelight – and overshadowed by all kinds of products. What happened to this once glorious vitamin?

The downfall of Vitamin C is largely attributed to the fact that most people do not understand it well enough, and they have probably tried some forms of Vitamin C supplementation to no real observable or felt effect.



Here are the common reasons why many people who consume Vitamin C don’t get the full results they desire:

  • The Vitamin C is tainted and not properly produced e.g. not purified, partially oxidised
  • The Vitamin C product is filled with many other undesirable substances–e.g. artificial colours, flavouring and sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and high fructose corn syrup–all of which cause metabolic havoc and neurotoxicity
  • The dose is not correct i.e. too small to achieve the desired effect

However, even when these common reasons are not prevalent, people still do not get the results they are aiming for. This brings us to the next point.



Firstly, Nobel Vitamin C, unlike the rest of the world’s Vitamin C or ascorbic acid supply, which comes from China and GMO corn, is Scottish-made, has more than 75 years of Vitamin C production track record, is trademarked, and has a quality assurance.

This is of course, a clean, pure and top quality source to begin with, but that’s not enough.

Nobel Vitamin C is:

  • A pure powder without any added ingredients and residual plant proteins i.e. it is white, unlike those typical orange ones we see
  • In the original L-Stereosiomer form that two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling based all his miraculous research on (most products on the market contain a 50/50 mixture of the d-stereoisomer which has no biological benefit and in fact may irritate and harm the body)
  • Gently processed into a very fine and readily water-soluble powder that makes it almost like an instant drink
  • Suitable for orthomolecular doses which are higher, researched doses that imbue all the magical benefits
  • GMP, HACCP, CEP, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and FSSC22.000 Certified, and attained the Carbon Trust Standard Certification

Unlike what alkaline fanatics believe, pure, pharmaceutical grade, L-Ascorbic Acid is a weak acid that doesn’t cause any problems except only in rare cases. Nobel Prize and decades-long studies of consistent life-saving events have been documented with ascorbate use – which is the L-Ascorbic Acid molecule – and NOT the buffered Mineral Ascorbates that many users promote.  The body still needs to disassociate mineral-ascorbate bond before it can use the Vitamin C in question.  In fact, people who have maligned Vitamin C to be the cause or “aggravator” of heartburn has clearly got it wrong as human studies have proven otherwise. (1)  It is the useless D-Isomer which irritates the gut, hence preventing us from increasing our doses, and rendering 50% of the total dose wasted!

Directions: For children, take 1/4 to 1 teaspoon daily.  For adults, take 1/4 to 4 teaspoons daily.

Due to its natural sour taste, Nobel Vitamin C can taste more pleasant when mixed with sweeteners like honey, which adds many desirable nutrients and balances its sour profile.  Also, a pinch of Nobel Vitamin C into cold-pressed juices helps to preserve it for much longer for the juicing enthusiast who wants to keep larger batches fresh and potent!