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Noni Fruit

The Almighty Superfruit

Noni fruit has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years and have been described in ancient Chinese and Indian texts.   Polynesian history has pretty much cemented noni as a miracle medicine.  Noni is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia before spreading to India and eventually flourishing abundantly in the Polynesian Islands.  Apart from consuming its juice, concentrated noni powder has also been used medicinally.

Noni has become so prominent in the health food industry that it has become a big money-spinner, representing a 3 billion dollar industry.  Scot Nelson, a plant pathologist from the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, claims that noni is responsible for “one of the world’s highest profit-margins for juice beverages.”  This is especially so because noni is relatively easy to grow, and grows fast enough, yielding much fruit.  Yet, because of its “miracle benefits”, opportunistic companies have capitalised on it to create strong branding and marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Noni:

  • Antioxidant Power – Contains a whole range of antioxidants including more common ones like anthocyanins, carotenoids, catechins, CoQ10, flavonoids, lipoic acid, lycopene, selenium, Vitamins C and E.
  • Energy Boost – Many Noni users report feeling a massive boost of energy after taking it.
  • Sexual Health – Noni imbues users with increased libido and stamina
  • Quinone Reductase – Detoxifies the body
  • Super Immune Boost – Supercharges white blood cells mainly through its polysaccharides such as 6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate. In fact, it has a third more polysaccharides aloe vera, which was widely believed to be the most polysaccharide-rich food.
  • Great for Pain and Inflammation – Apart from the high Ormus content found in Noni polysaccharides, noni is shown to make specific brain proteins (enzymes) more receptive to endorphins that have potent analgesic properties.
  • Panacea – Noni has so many benefits, it is impossible to list them all. Improved digestion, libido, blood pressure, energy, memory, blood circulation, relaxation are just part of what it offers.  It seems to offer great benefits for Chronic fatigue sufferers as well.
  • Proxeronine – Noni contains this magical compound which somehow helps to support the structure and function of cell walls throughout the body. Together with silica and phosphatidylcholine – they represent the trio of fundamental repair essentials for optimal cellular function.
  • Potent Anti-Parasite – Great against pathogens, parasites and helps fight parasitic disease such as leishmaniasis.
  • Brain Power & Mood Enhancer – Scopoletin and Rutin stimulates the dopaminergic system, has been shown to have anti-depressive effects, and has been used in rehabilitation programs to liberate people from dependency on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, overeating, or other obsessive and addictive behaviours.
  • Nitric Oxide Production – Great for circulation, delivery of nutrients, oxygen, heart and vascular health, sports performance and more.
  • Many Beneficial Phytochemicals – Anthroquinones like Damnacanthal (great against cancer), Ursolic Acid, Scopoletin, alkaloids, limonene, glycosides, polysaccharides and more.
  • Anti-Ageing – Noni removes advanced glycation end-products i.e AGEs which is not just a primary cause of ageing, but of disease as well.


Why is Our Noni Superior?

This is why our Noni is unsurpassed in quality and actual benefits:

  • There is strong support for the benefits of the whole Noni fruit as opposed to simply the juice alone. We use the entire Noni fruit in the process.
  • It will then be washed in a tumbling machine with pure reverse osmosis water with ozone, thereby removing all forms of harmful bacteria, dehydrogenating enzymes, E. Coli, viruses and pathogens without leaving behind any by-products attached to the Noni.
  • Our Noni is put through a vortex freeze-drying process where the raw material is constantly moving in a spin-like manner – encouraging a lot of movement to expose greater surface area and result in quicker sublimination and drying.
  • This process “grinds” the product in low temperature conditions unlike in traditional freeze-drying methods which are mechanically ground after drying which still produces heat due to friction (as this is a static and non-kinetic process).  These traditional grinds produce flat surfaces and sharp corners that are not the best for assimilation and uptake by the body.  Our process results in very fine grind that has a porous structure with higher surface area.
  • This allows complete elimination of moisture with no heat used, nothing added or extracted – hence you get the whole product as nature intended with its freshness, potency, and properties fully retained.  The elimination of moisture is so thorough that the powder remains “dry” for a very long time, even in very humid conditions.
  • This vortex freeze-drying process also ensures the Noni is ground along natural cellular fracture-lines, sustaining cellular integrity and retaining extracellular contents i.e. the natural secretions of Noni, retaining as close to the original cellular/molecular structure of the whole herb as possible – and hence, retaining the full divine wisdom of mother nature.

The resulting powder is vacuum sealed to be transported for packing and broken open just prior to packing.  A simple taste and smell test would instantly prove the freshness and potency superiority!