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Inonotus obliquus, also known as chaga, is a parasitic fungus that grows on living trees, especially the birch tree, in uber cold, circumpolar, deciduous forests. In Siberian folklore, chaga is considered the “King of the Mushrooms.” In fact, it is regarded as a miracle herb by indigenous Siberians. Records demonstrate use of chaga by Russians for at least 600 years, and definitely much longer off-record. Chaga was listed in the earliest text on Chinese medicine: the fabled Shennong Ben Cao Jing. It is known to nourish/tonify Jing and Shen i.e. represented by kidney and heart. Lingzhi, or Reishi mushroom, which is highly prized and revered in Asia as a medicinal mushroom, is regarded as the queen.

Before we detail the immense benefits of consuming chaga, it is first imperative to understand that medicinal mushrooms and many edible mushrooms are some of the best foods and support for the immune system.

Many people have this misconception that if you are suffering from conditions like yeast infections, candida, mold, fungus etc. that consuming another fungus or fermented food will be detrimental to them. This is not true. The right fermented foods have been known to nourish gut flora and augment digestive function whilst the medicinal mushrooms have been renowned for fighting off many infections, including those mentioned. There is more than sufficient research and evidence to support this so remember, “not all fungi are bad.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Laureate author of The Cancer Ward, survived cancer by choosing chemotherapy with chaga. The doctor mentioned in his book worked for decades in the same hospital he was in and made a profound observation – that peasants in his district saved money on tea and brewed birch fungus, or rather, chaga tea instead. These peasants NEVER got cancer and would live to over 100.

However, there are a few chaga products on the market which are riding on this wave. As chaga is still very new to the mainstream world, even established companies do not immediately understand the correct ways of treating, extracting and processing chaga in a way that releases its active components. Worse still, we don’t even know their hygiene standards.

While there may be some products that do contain quality, aged, wild chaga, their lack of know-how in extracting it might result in “wastage”. Without extracting the water-soluble and alcohol- soluble components and breaking down the hard cell walls of chaga i.e. chitin, the product might not offer the benefits desired.


Royal Chaga contains the only fully certified Chaga extract in the world (ISO 22000:2005, GMP, HACCP), with laboratory-guaranteed levels of active ingredients. It is the only Chaga product that guarantees at LEAST 50% Polysaccharides and 1.5% Betulinic Acid (backed by Certificates of Analyses), making it the MOST concentrated Chaga supplement.

Raw or unintelligently extracted mushroom powders contain none or insufficient levels of the polysaccharides, phytosterols, triterpines, saponins and polyphenolics associated with Chaga, the #1 herb in the world. Royal Chaga also has the highest ORAC value ever measured in a Chaga product.

There is simply no comparison.

Directions: For long-term support, take 2-4 capsules a day.  For cancer or viral infection support, take up to 3 capsules 3 times a day or consult your designated health practitioner for advice.

Do not use if you are on immune-suppressing medication e.g. after an organ transplant.