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Wild Turmeric

The Omnipotent Spice

Turmeric is perhaps one of the superherbs and spices that need no introduction.  Its long history of documented medicinal use stretches as far back as over 4,000 years ago.   Over 9,000 medical and clinical research studies have evaluated turmeric to wondrous effect.   The compounds in turmeric, namely the curcuminoids, communicate with over 160 mechanisms and pathways in the body to support a wide range of biochemical processes.

Its health benefits are so wide-ranging, from switching off inflammatory switches, gene regulation, cleansing the blood and detoxifying the body, supporting the liver, providing cardiovascular protection, healthy immune response, digestive support, neural and mental health, improves blood and enzyme production, anti-depressant effects, wound healing and skin health… the list is really endless.

To bring some of benefits to light in a clearer way, turmeric helps:

  • Balance and Stabilise Mood
  • Heal Wounds – Soothes irritation and oxidation, support collagen synthesis, improve wound contraction, increase tissue strength and cell proliferation around wound.
  • Lowers Aches and Pains – Perhaps one of turmeric’s most notable uses is its lowering of aches and pains because of its phenomenal anti-inflammatory powers. It even helps ease post-surgery discomfort.
  • Joint Stiffness – Closely related to inflammation, many people use turmeric to good effect for stiff joints
  • Balance Blood Sugar Levels – Positively supports beta cells and Islet cells i.e. insulin-producing cells
  • Normalize Lipid Levels
  • Supports Stomach Lining – Strong protective effects on stomach lining and great against stomach ailments

From a supplement perspective, there are numerous ways to deliver it, extract it, to concentrated targeted compounds like curcumin and so on.

There are fantastic turmeric supplements out there – some with patented, proprietary extraction processes.  We have the liposomal turmerics, fermented turmerics, curcumin or curcuminoids complexes, spagyric tinctures, supercritical extracts and more.

However, from a food perspective – many people do not seem to be adding enough of this wonderful spice which just blends in synergistically and beautifully with so many foods.  Turmeric has been consumed as a whole food for a very long time in many dishes.  Combined with fats such as ghee in cooking, it seems to be delivered very efficiently and absorbed by the body – with its whole food status intact.

Our Wild Turmeric powder is just that – whole turmeric that is so potent, the smell is actually very addictive, and the flavor belongs to a whole new dimension than other turmerics.  This is because of the freshness retained!  Adding this to soups, curries, stews, gravies, sauces, seasoning, and even smoothies or juices e.g. with mango, pineapple, coconut just transforms your recipes and their health value!

Firstly, we know wild foods are genetically superior to cultivated foods, especially so that turmeric is so widespread today that many sources are from poorly cultivated harvests simply to keep up with the demand!  Our turmeric is wild but it’s also the process that differentiates it from the rest.

This is how our turmeric powder is made:

  • Our wild turmeric is washed in a tumbling machine with pure reverse osmosis water with ozone, thereby removing all forms of harmful bacteria, dehydrogenating enzymes, E. Coli, viruses and pathogens without leaving behind any byproducts attached to it.
  • The turmeric is then put through a vortex freeze-drying process where the raw material is constantly moving in a spin-like manner – encouraging a lot of movement to expose greater surface area and result in quicker sublimination and drying.
  • This process “grinds” the product in low temperature conditions unlike in traditional freeze-drying methods which are mechanically ground after drying which still produces heat due to friction (as this is a static and non-kinetic process).  These traditional grinds produce flat surfaces and sharp corners that are not the best for assimilation and uptake by the body.  Our process results in very fine grind that has a porous structure with higher surface area.
  • This allows complete elimination of moisture with no heat used, nothing added or extracted – hence you get the whole product as nature intended with its freshness, potency, and properties fully retained.  The elimination of moisture is so thorough that the powder remains “dry” for a very long time, even in very humid conditions.
  • This vortex freeze-drying process also ensures the turmeric is ground along natural cellular fracture-lines, sustaining cellular integrity and retaining extracellular contents i.e. the natural secretions of turmeric, retaining as close to the original cellular/molecular structure of the whole herb as possible – and hence, retaining the full divine wisdom of mother nature.

The resulting powder is vacuum sealed to be transported for packing and broken open just prior to packing.  A simple taste and smell test would instantly prove the freshness and potency superiority!