Soaking in ELO oxygen-rich water to improve oxygen absorption of cells within the body.

Warmed to a soothing and comfortable temperature of 37 to 38 degrees Celsius, each 50-minute ELO Session delivers a positive, relaxing effect on the body while oxygen is absorbed through the skin to enhance body tissue oxygen levels. Having adequate tissue oxygenation is necessary for healing and good health.








Each room comes with its personal bath which allows you to relax and enjoy the benefits of soaking in warm, oxygen-rich ELO water in the complete privacy of a contemporary yet tranquil setting.


Complimentary Wi-Fi, lounge spaces, vanity areas, toilet and shower facilities are available for all users.


Premium rooms are specially designed for maximum comfort and comes with enhanced facilities including a 32-inch TV which is linked to a mobile tablet for web-surfing and online entertainment, as well as private sanitary facilities. Premium package users can look forward to personalised services and exclusive vanity areas.

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