Skin And Beauty

Signature Full Body & Anti-Aging Programme:

This is typically a 2 or 4-hour programme conducted over a few sessions to provide a holistic anti-aging program for the whole body. It aims to improve metabolic rate and function, to make you look younger!

Soft & Radiant Skin Programme:

This 2 or 4-hour programme focuses on targeting whole body skin improvement so that your skin feels younger, softer, silky smooth and more radiant!

Scar Management & Reduction Programme:

Ideal for post-surgical scar management and general skin surface scar
treatments using cell-oxygenating therapy and anti-scar gels. This programme is offered as a 2 or 4-hour programme conducted over at least 7 sessions, depending on the extent of the scar. For surgeries, we recommend a before-surgery programme followed by an after-surgery programme to lighten and reduce the scars.

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