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What are Biofilms?

The BF in BF Detox really stands for biofilms.

A biofilm is an assemblage of surface-associated microbial cells that are encased within an extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) matrix (consisting of exoproteins and exopolysaccharides).  These microorganisms are strongly attached to the interfaces and hence very resistant to dislodgment.  In short, they are concentrated bacteria colonies, with a thick slimy layer or coating/surface surrounding them i.e. the “film” in biofilm.

Chemical analysis shows that the EPS matrix is mostly comprised of neutral and acidic sugars, e.g. glucose, mannose, galactose, rhamnose, ribose, fucose, uronic and gluconic acids, etc. The negative charge of these sugars in the wall of biofilms attract divalent cations such as the more common Magnesium and Calcium i.e. Ca+2 and Mg+2 – cross-linking with the polymer strands to provide greater binding force and structural integrity – creating a “Berlin Wall” that prevents all our protective immune cells, anti-microbial herbs and foods from entering.

This is because the EPS or slime covering and cementing biofilm colonies protects the bacteria from antibiotics, bacteriocins (produced by probiotics), antibodies, and other medicines/herbs which might kill it.  The EPS acts as diffusion barrier to these molecules, protecting the microbes hiding behind the EPS matrix.

What’s even worse is that the EPS favour heavy metals due to their stronger charge, forming much stronger bonds with the polymers.  Of course, an increase in the concentration of these cations and heavy metals would further strengthen the bonds accordingly.  What most don’t know though, is that exposure to EMFs such as radiation from cell phones, computers and the like would also strengthen the bonds of these polymers within the biofilms!

The Problem With Biofilms

We know for a fact that biofilms are involved virtually all microbial and invading organism type of infection or proliferation.  These include viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, parasites and more.  Because of today’s burgeoning influx of toxins into our bodies, dampness-forming diets, and worse still, damp/humid climates, biofilms are more prevalent and “stronger” (or should we say nastier?) than ever.  A very educated and conservative estimate would be that biofilms are involved in at LEAST 90% of all chronic infections.  Bacteria and their nasty friends simply love to hang out in biofilms!

With the explanation above, you already know that biofilms create a “Berlin Wall” to prevent us from actually reaching the bad guys.  They have in their arsenal many ways to strengthen this wall.  On top of that, these biofilm communities have very sophisticated technologies.  With a common, united goal – they stay in communication through Quorum Sensing.  In Quorum Sensing, autoinducers, which are small signalling molecules, are secreted by microbial cells that spark off a signalling cascade within the bacteria community in the biofilm matrix.  This results in simultaneous regulation of several genes across the microbial population.

When you dive deep into studies surround the microbiome and microbiota, you know that bacteria are a part of us – and they have a major impact on our entire being and health.  In fact, there are ten times as many bacterial cells than human cells on average, and these guys have their own DNA and ideas – so we really need to ensure that there is a symbiotic environment for the good bacteria to thrive.  These are your workers – and the nasty dudes hiding behind the “Berlin Wall” are the enemies.

And it is only till we break down the biofilms protecting these nasties that we can truly and thoroughly cleanse the gut and body of persistent microbial and parasitic infections.

How Do We Get Rid of Biofilms?

A product like Flavon7 Gold has multiple and profound benefits.  It also helps with gut health, has antimicrobial properties, has capabilities to suppress biofilm formation and offers anti-inflammatory protection.  However, of most relevance here is its ability to disrupt the quorum sensing processes in a systemic way.

However, that alone is not enough, we need to take down the entire Berlin Wall – and this is done through BF Detox!

BF Detox is a proprietary enzyme blend that was specifically developed by testing for antibiofilm prowess in vitro.  This finished formula was found to have significant antibiofilm activity which helps to break down the EPS so that the immune cells and other anti-microbial and anti-parasitic stuff can truly do its work.

BF Detox doesn’t just break down the extracellular polymers found in the biofilm to break down the EPS structure, it also breaks down bacterial and yeast cell wall structures.

We also highly recommend doing a heavy metal cleanse in the body so that these biofilms wouldn’t stand a chance to rebuild.  This is also why it is wise to address heavy metals even when you would like to “target” parasites, yeasts, funguses, mold or bacteria.