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If nature’s best and very most fundamental were put together with a genius mind, sheer hard work, serendipity, and advanced technologies – BioSuperfood F3 Forte would be what you get.

If you are looking to upgrade your nutritional technology and get the very best and widest spectrum of nutrition in one single product – BioSuperfood F3 Forte would be the answer.

Amongst the 3 BAC products F1, F2 and F3 (all similar formulas with different concentrations) – we chose to focus on F3 Forte – the most concentrated version as in today’s world, we need all the help we can get.

Rather than take higher doses of F1 or F2, most can normally start off with 1 capsule of F3 a day and eventually work up to 4-12 capsules a day depending on their needs or intention i.e. therapeutic effect, post workout, maintenance.  In fact, one should not take more than 2 capsules at a time i.e. you can do 1 capsule every 2-4 hours, or 2 capsules every 2-4 hours – up to a maximum total of 12 capsules a day.  This is because BioSuperfood formulas, especially F3 Forte, works on the master regulatory glands in the brain and the supporting endocrine glands – which when sluggish and out of balance, requires more of a consistent and frequent “reminder” versus a higher one-time dose.

It is simply not conceivable to compare any algae, superfood, or multi-vitamin drink or supplement to BioSuperfood F3 Forte.