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Quicksilver Scientific’s Etheric Delivery™ EDTA w/ Sodium R-Lipoic Acid is the most absorbable form of oral EDTA. EDTA has broad metals detoxification ability, being especially for lead and R-Lipoic acid (as sodium R-Lipoate) has an exceptionally well-documented ability to upregulate the glutathione system via the Nrf2 nuclear transcription pathway.  It also has amazing anti-inflammatory and blood sugar regulating properties.

Combining this EDTA/R-Lipoate with Etheric Delivery Glutathione and IMD, and you have an incredible, completely-oral broad-spectrum metal detoxification system that not only eliminates the dependence on IV’s, but repairs the underlying problem in the detoxification system that led to metals accumulation in the first place.

This 3 part basic heavy metal protocol combination covers the following:

  • Endogenous (Inside Out) Detoxification + Systemic Support through Antioxidant System and Cellular Health Restoration – Liposomal Glutathione
  • Exogenous Chelation (Outside In) – Although glutathione is already very powerful, supporting with EDTA and R Lipoic Acid would magnify the entire process.  EDTA just speeds everything up greatly – but by prepping or combining with glutathione – you would soften the effects of healing crises with the protection and regulatory effects offered by the glutathione system.
  • Elimination – IMD guarantees elimination, and this is the MISSING LINK in virtually ALL heavy metal detox protocols!  Many chelated toxins get disassociated by enzymes in the intestines (e.g. peptidases break down glutathione and toxin bond) and get re-circulated into the blood and system, sending the immune system into overdrive – and disguised by many uninformed people as “healing crises”.  This is the only product of its kind in the industry and behaves like a chlorella that is supercharged about 5000times on the gut level!

Using lead excretion as a test measure, it is comparable to IV (intravenous therapy) and continues for several days after a single bolus dose.

Quicksilver’s Etheric Delivery™ Phospholipid Encapsulation System improves upon liposomal technology with smaller, more stable, single-layer spheres made from the highest-grade ingredients available.

In addition to exceptional absorption rates, the nanospheres that Quicksilver produces have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. Additionally, the phospholipids that compose the liposome shell feed the cell membranes. This ensures the proper function for absorption of nutrients and the excretion of cellular waste products and toxins.

Production Technology Features:

  • Tightly controlled small sizing, verified by Laser Dynamic Light Scattering on each batch
  • Mean size 50-100nm
  • Flavor suitable for intra-buccal delivery, or easy water-dispersability when desired