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Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine is the ultimate solution to modern day woes: chronic stress, inability to relax, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and much more.  It is especially useful for calming detox reactions with its calming effect on the nervous system.  Its ability to cross the blood-brain-barrier with its tiny liposomes makes it flourish where all others fail – going to work where it matters!  With the added precursor L-Theanine, you won’t just get an instant calm, but more importantly, sustained calm!

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid produced in the human body that functions as the principle inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. (1) GABA is associated with the parasympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system which balances the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) side.

Many pharmacological agents exert anxiolytic, analgesic, anticonvulsant and sedative effects by modulating GABA receptor activity, or blocking the reuptake of GABA, thus increasing GABA activity. (2,3) Many toxins, such as mercury, and some physical traumas, such as head trauma, elicit neurotoxic effects though glutamate receptors in the brain (called NMDA-mediated neurotoxicity). This produces a feedback loop of inflammation, neurotoxicity, and anxiety. GABA supplementation can help break that loop by building the pool of GABA. Use of powdered GABA is not efficient because it is poorly absorbed and does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Studies have shown that GABA administered with phosphatidylserine improved GABA’s activity and was proposed to be due to an increased ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. (4,5) Quicksilver Scientific’s Liposomal GABA produces a very quick and powerful effect. Try this “Busy-ness” antidote once and you will know!

L-Theanine Is an amino acid found naturally in tea. Research suggests that theanine affects inhibitory neurotransmission
(parasympathetic) and has been shown to have relaxing effects on cognitive thinking and blood pressure. (6,7,8)

GABA, and hence L-Theanine the precursor, has been shown to activate growth hormone.  This points to its importance as a longevity tool, in keeping in shape, and repair.

Quicksilver’s Etheric Delivery™ Phospholipid Encapsulation System brings the power of intravenous therapy into a convenient oral delivery. Our Etheric Delivery™ improves upon liposomal technology with smaller, more stable, single-layer spheres made from the highest-grade ingredients available. In addition to exceptional absorption rates, nanospheres like Quicksilver produces have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. Also, the phospholipids that compose the liposome shell feed the cell membranes. This ensures the proper function for the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of cellular waste products and toxins.

Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine is at the cutting edge of a very relevant and much needed antidote to today’s problems – where people are constantly bombarded physically and mentally, and soon find themselves unable to relax.

Production Technology Features:
• Tightly controlled small sizing, verified by Laser Dynamic Light Scattering on each batch (Liposomal GABA mean size 50-100nm)
• Pleasant taste, suitable for intra-buccal delivery.
• Precise pump delivery
• Easy to disperse in water when desired
• Intraoral delivery for best systemic availability
• Easy to dispense and take directly from bottle

Directions: Take 1-4 pumps or more 2-4 times daily.  Hold 90 seconds before swallowing.  May also be stirred into water.  Best taken on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals.