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We have a global epidemic of cancer – and of late, cancer relating to sexual glands e.g. breast, cervical and uterine, prostate have all skyrocketed because of the dominance of estrogenic substances all around us – from our plastic bottles, cosmetics, freshly printed receipts from the supermarket and so on.  Alcohol is estrogenic, many of our poultry has been intoxicated with artificial hormones that are estrogenic in nature – so when you add all these xenoestrogens together with the metalloestrogens e.g. those in our seafood, and mycoestrogens e..g from peanuts, coffee etc. – we are in for challenging times ahead!

The most indispensable nutrient that TARGETS estrogen dominance, specifically to detoxify and rid the body of these harmful estrogens is none other than DIM!

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is an incredibly promising agent that begs for better delivery, due to its poor gastrointestinal absorption.

The published effects on hormonal balance, immune function, and detoxification– plus DIM’s ability to modulate epigenetic influences from mycotoxin exposure– make this one of the most exciting nutraceuticals available to integrative and functional medicine.

Our Golden Particle Delivery™ system will help this compound live up to its great potential.  The DIM compound has been nanoemulsified with unilamellar vesicles (nanosphere liposomes of the smallest form) derived from natural sunflower phospholipids and medium chain triglycerides – ensuring optimal delivery into cells and adipose tissue (fats) where copious amounts of estrogens are surreptitiously “hiding”.  With our Liposomal DIM – these bad guys can now be found and escorted out of our system for good!

DIM is the premier choice for:

  • Preventing/treating Estrogen Dominance – selectively clears out bad estrogens, keeps good ones
  • Eradicating Toxic Estrogen Analogs that mimic the actual hormones in the body to cause hormonal disruption
  • Supporting Liver Phase 2 Detox – it even helps increase liver weight !
  • Bringing Hormonal Balance
  • Removing Nrf2 Blocks to Upregulate It – to support detoxification and antioxidant systems
  • Bringing Harmony to the Immune System – potent immunomodulation effects
  • Upregulating AMPK – AMPK is found inside every cell and serves as your body’s “master regulating switch.” It determines body fat composition (prevents weight gain) and how long you’ll live (en
  • Protection from DNA Damage