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Wild Gynostemma

The Herb of Immortality

Gynostemma, also known as the “Herb of Immortality” is consumed by tens of millions of people every day in Asia, often in place of tea or coffee.  The mounting research is starting to show that it could very well be one of the most anti-ageing herbs available to us in the world!  It is the epitome of an adaptogen – it can be taken in the morning to bring energy, taken again after work to relieve fatigue, yet taken before bed to promote good sleep!  It can improve sports performance and also help one reach deeper relaxation.

Herbal powerhouses like Ginseng has 32 saponins, whilst Gynostemma has 120!  Also, these Gynostemma saponins are very identical to Ginseng, hence China locals call it “Southern Ginseng”.  Saponins are complex molecules that modulate and balance our physiology and hence, with such a broad range – it helps you to adapt and regulate to all kinds of conditions you face internally and externally.  A particular saponin in Gynostemma, known as gypenoside #49, is a known telomerase activator – which is a way to reverse DNA ageing!  Telomere science is advancing so rapidly that companies are dumping huge dollars into telomere products that cost a bomb!

Another major powerhouses in the fields of gerontology studies and longevity research is the upregulation of the molecule AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) and the systems of health-enhancing cascades that it brings.  AMPK is a crucial molecule in anti-ageing and disease prevention.  Gynostemma is a superior AMPK upregulator – which is a testament to its claims and promise of bringing vibrant health.

Here are just some of the myriad of benefits offered by Gynostemma:

  • Strong Anti-Fatigue Properties – it invigorates core energy systems and strongly rejuvenates without stimulating
  • Calming – promotes a sense of inner peace and calms the nerves without sedating
  • Improves Mental Clarity, Memory, Learning Ability and Focus
  • Anti-Ageing – Antioxidant activity (studied to boost glutathione and SOD), stress resistance, telomere protecting and hence DNA protecting properties and more make it a premier anti-ageing herb
  • Amazing immune-modulating effects and benefits to support the immune system and protect against damaging treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Weight Management – has been shown to promote fat loss and healthy blood sugar levels
  • Regulates Nitric Oxide Production – great for circulatory, heart and vascular health yet nitric oxide is lowered in cases of auto-immune conditions and more, making it extremely intelligent
  • Immensely Improves Physical Performance – Together with nitric oxide production, improves endurance (reduce oxygen deficiency), power and recovery (by decreasing lactic acid in body) and protects from rigorous exercise
  • Brain Protection – Prevents brain and nervous system damaged brought about by pervasive neurotoxins such as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), alcohol, free radicals, and even helps stroke patients to almost fully recover their pre-stroke selves
  • Amazing for Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Heart Health – Prevents platelet stickiness and blood clots, arterial damage, and regulates cholesterol metabolism
  • Detoxifies the Body and Protects the Liver – Positive results with chronic Hepatitis B infection, prevents Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis, prevents fatty liver
  • Protects and Improves Kidneys  Protection from toxin damage, renal fibrosis, lower uric acid in the blood and
  • Supports the Lungs and Respiratory Tract – Protects against inflammation of the trachea, fights cough, asthma, and extremely effective against chronic bronchitis. Used as an expectorant to clear mucous from the airways, lungs, bronchia and trachea.
  • Protects the GI (Gastrointestinal) Tract – Soothes the digestive system, improves digestion and absorption, improves bowel movement, protect against intestinal villi damage, increase livelihood of friendly bacteria, protect against gastric ulcers and gastritis.
  • Regulates Adrenal and Hormonal Function
  • Skin Protection – When applied topically, protects from UV Radiation and damage and helps psoriasis
  • Prevention Against Acute Infection/Illness – Colds, Yellow Fever, Polio, HIV-1 retrovirus, fungi and bacteria

Why is Our Gynostemma Different?

We all know that the chemical approach to nutrition i.e. merely looking and nutrition content such as mineral and vitamin levels are a small piece to the large puzzle of health.  There is the biological aspect – the gene transcription from plant RNA to our DNA – which is massive.

Those who deliberately cultivate Gynostemma leaves in controlled farming and agricultural conditions can still produce a product of certain value – but it will never come close to the genetic, energetic and biochemical potency offered by wild Gynostemma that typically grows best in its primal conditions at high altitudes where climate conditions may be extreme i.e. varying seasons of hot and cold, strong winds, thunderstorms and torrential rain alternating with dry seasons etc.  The degree to which it is exposed to an extreme range of conditions pretty much determines the degree to which it gives us the same adaptive power and ability to thrive in all conditions.

Our Gynostemma is ethically wild-harvested (meaning the methods employed has to promote or at least not compromise the sustainability and flourishing of the ecosystem) from the mountaineous regions of Northern Thailand.  Take note that our Gynostemma is being processed right where the source of the Gynostemma is – which allows us to ensure that only the mature and peak harvests are used FRESH (within 24 hours) without having to store them for future use!

From raw material to end product, the stringent quality standards employed are detailed as follows:

  • Whilst hand-picking the Gynostemma, unsuitable leaves, stems and twigs will be removed before bringing back to the factory to be laid for a final check i.e. only small, fresh, vibrant green leaves with small capillary veins are used as they have the highest bioactivity.
  • It will then be washed in a tumbling machine with pure reverse osmosis water with ozone, thereby removing all forms of harmful bacteria, dehydrogenating enzymes, E. Coli, viruses and pathogens without leaving behind any byproducts attached to the Gynostemma.
  • The Gynostemma is then put through a vortex freeze-drying process where the raw material is constantly moving in a spin-like manner – encouraging a lot of movement to expose greater surface area and result in quicker sublimination and drying.
  • This process “grinds” the product in low temperature conditions unlike in traditional freeze-drying methods which are mechanically ground after drying which still produces heat due to friction (as this is a static and non-kinetic process). These traditional grinds produce flat surfaces and sharp corners that are not the best for assimilation and uptake by the body.  Our process results in very fine grind that has a porous structure with higher surface area.
  • This allows complete elimination of moisture with no heat used, nothing added or extracted – hence you get the whole product as nature intended with its freshness, potency, and properties fully retained. The elimination of moisture is so thorough that the powder remains “dry” for a very long time, even in very humid conditions.
  • This vortex freeze-drying process also ensures the Gynostemma is ground along natural cellular fracture-lines, sustaining cellular integrity and retaining extracellular contents i.e. the natural secretions of Gynostemma, retaining as close to the original cellular/molecular structure of the whole herb as possible – and hence, retaining the full divine wisdom of mother nature.
  • The resulting powder is vacuum sealed to be transported for packing and broken open just prior to packing. A simple taste and smell test would instantly prove the freshness and potency superiority!

Our Gynostemma tea tastes refreshing, smooth and some of them love it so much, they drink it with every meal!  A little pinch goes a long way and because of the particle size and large surface area, it gets extracted almost instantly – saving the efforts of long steeping times in traditional tea making. 

Also, a great benefit is that you are not just getting the extract in tea form, but able to swallow the whole herb at the same time!  Of course, you are free to consume the product as it is without having to prepare a tea. 

Finally, a true testament to its porous structure and surface area is after the first extraction, should you choose to “re-decoct” or make a second batch, unlike in regular teas, hardly any flavour remains – which shows how thoroughly it has been extracted the first time around.